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About Willam B. Ferril, M.D.

Curing treatment plans and patient review for patients and health care professionals concerning documented cures and critical healing for certain conditions.

About Willam B. Ferril, M.D.

Dr. Ferril has published numerous articles for medical newsletters as well as authored several books. He has co-sponsored and lectured at numerous medical conferences for hundreds of doctors.

Dr. Ferril was picked to author the Health Revelations Newsletter, with 45,000 subscribers, after Robert Atkins, M.D.’s death. This was a major factor in creating Dr. Ferril’s referral practice.

Dr. Ferril has a practice with thousands of patients, mostly from the US, but also from Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. He has been blessed to have patients carefully diagnosed at well-known medical institutions, such as Mayo Clinic, Stanford, and Harvard.

As a result of these well-diagnosed referrals, he has been able to help patients with a large percentage of known diseases for which conventional medical therapy, at some of the most prestigious medical institutions, was either insufficient or failed completely. For many of these patients Dr. Ferril was the doctor of last resort.

Dr. Ferril has the gift of being able to create the desire and the faith of his patients to follow his treatment plans. It’s probably not his brilliance that is so persuasive, but more likely it is the love felt by his patients that contributes to his patients’ compliance with his treatment plans and their subsequent healing.

During his treatment of these patients, Dr. Ferril has had the opportunity to make extensive use of allergy testing, 24-hour urine hormone metabolite testing, and bio-identical hormones from compounding pharmacies.